How many solutions does the equation (x-7)^2-27=37 have?

Accepted Solution

Answer:If we are solving for x it has two answers Β  15,-1EXPLANATION:first i take the root of both sides and then solve from there : Step 1: Simplify both sides of the equation.x2βˆ’14x+22=37Step 2: Subtract 37 from both sides.x2βˆ’14x+22βˆ’37=37βˆ’37x2βˆ’14xβˆ’15=0Step 3: Factor left side of equation.(x+1)(xβˆ’15)=0Step 4: Set factors equal to 0.x+1=0 or xβˆ’15=0x=βˆ’1 or x=15 HOPE THIS HELPS x=βˆ’1 or x=15